Monday, October 3, 2016

"Kath's Retirement Page" LO Tutorial

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I have for you another LO Tutorial,
I created for

It is how to create a retirement scrapbook album.

There are numerous ways you could surprise a retiree with a going away gift, that is a Retirement Album.

The different types of Retirement Album that can be prepared,
as follows:

- a scrapbook full of momentos and messages from bosses and peers from all the years that you have been working;

- a scrapbook album filled with photos of you with your officemates that could be specially signed or autographed by each and every one who were in the photos for all the companies and years that you have been working;

- a scrapbook album filled of pages depicting what you want done as you go into retirement; and

{this one is my recently completed retirement scrapbook album}:
- a project life scrapbook album filled up photos and notes of my journey into retirement with a summary of my work experience as the front page of the album.
{I did miss having the 1st 2 kinds of retirement scrapbook albums.  What I could probably do is create a scrapbook album of me in my years in employment and I'd just do hope to catch my peers, subordinates and bosses in the future years, for them to autograph my scrap pages . . . . sigh}

The tutorial I'm sharing with you now,
is the scrapbook page that serves as the cover page of
my retirement scrapbook album, entitled:


Here's my video tutorial in behalf of

To read my written tutorial follow the link to blog:

Sharing an introduction and tips to project life scrapbooking
on November 7th 2016 here
at Kaboodle Doodles.

Kathleen B. Hernandez
{Lady Katutz}

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