Monday, December 5, 2016

A Couple LO Tutorial

Hi, everyone!

I have a couple layout
created for and with
to share here at
Kaboodle Doodles.

The technique involved is all Do-It-Yourself (a DIY).
Creating your own handmade pattern paper and a few embellishments.

My LO subjects for my couple layout are
none other than Dan and Anna Lyons:

Here's my video tutorail in behalf of

My written tutorial can be found in

See you next year!

Kathleen B. Hernandez
{Lady Katutz}

Monday, November 7, 2016

Doing Project Life Scrapbook Albums

Hi, everyone!

I would like to discuss the
different types of Project Life Albums
a scrapbooker or a family historian
could create . . . .

A Project Life Album can be in different kinds:

- in paper traditional
(just scrapbook each mini project life filler to your heart's delight and compile them in a page and in an album.)

- in hybrid, or
(print digital pages and add embellishments or momentos to the printed digitally prepared page backgrounds, then compile them and had each completed page in an album.)

- in digital
(digi scrap a project life page and you may have it binded or printed into a book like what I want to do with my Book of Life Project Life Digital pages)

A project life album can be in different brands:

- Becky Higgins with different scrapbook artist with American Crafts as their producer:
(mini pocket sleeves are close to atc size to photo sizes where project life fillers in the same size are also available.  Albums are in regular 12x12 size hard ring-binded.  This is what I had utilized for a few of my birthday project life albums.)

- WRMK and Snap Albums:
(album are from big 12x12 to mini albums that fit project life fillers with the smallest pocket sleeve bigger than Becky Higgins smalles pocket sleeve.  These are perfect for those with small cabinet spaces and rooms.  This is what I think good to utilize for a Christmas Daily album or a 12 Days Christmas Album, which I'm doing this 2016.)

- Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
(these are make-do albums.  What I usually see as DIY project life albums are regular photo albums and also artist trading card albums.  The atc project life album is what I did for my 2014 PL which is still a WIP}

Project Life Scrapbook Albums comes in different formats:

- Project Life 12, where a page is created per month
(this is what I incorporated for my 2013 hybrid album, the PL12 makes for a monthly summary on my entire album)

- Project Life 52, where a page is created per week
(this is what I incorporated for my 2013 hybrid & 2014 DIY PLs, where all the days in a week is in one project life page)

- Project Life 365 / 360, where everyday of the current year is depicted
(this is what my 2013 and 2014 PLs really are, where all the days are depicted in one mini project life pocket sleeve)

- Per Event or Occasion 
(this is what I started doing for my birthdays starting 2015 and backtracking with my previous year's birthdays, where the album pages are comprised by both mini pocket sleeves and 12x12 page sleeves.  I get to project life and scrapbook all at the same time.)

On December 5th of 2016 post is 
a couple LO Tutorial
here at Kaboodle Doodles.

sincerely yours,
Kathleen B. Hernandez
{Lady Katutz}

Monday, October 3, 2016

"Kath's Retirement Page" LO Tutorial

Hi, everyone!

I'm back now on a
once a month post
here at
Kaboodle Doodles.

I have for you another LO Tutorial,
I created for

It is how to create a retirement scrapbook album.

There are numerous ways you could surprise a retiree with a going away gift, that is a Retirement Album.

The different types of Retirement Album that can be prepared,
as follows:

- a scrapbook full of momentos and messages from bosses and peers from all the years that you have been working;

- a scrapbook album filled with photos of you with your officemates that could be specially signed or autographed by each and every one who were in the photos for all the companies and years that you have been working;

- a scrapbook album filled of pages depicting what you want done as you go into retirement; and

{this one is my recently completed retirement scrapbook album}:
- a project life scrapbook album filled up photos and notes of my journey into retirement with a summary of my work experience as the front page of the album.
{I did miss having the 1st 2 kinds of retirement scrapbook albums.  What I could probably do is create a scrapbook album of me in my years in employment and I'd just do hope to catch my peers, subordinates and bosses in the future years, for them to autograph my scrap pages . . . . sigh}

The tutorial I'm sharing with you now,
is the scrapbook page that serves as the cover page of
my retirement scrapbook album, entitled:


Here's my video tutorial in behalf of

To read my written tutorial follow the link to blog:

Sharing an introduction and tips to project life scrapbooking
on November 7th 2016 here
at Kaboodle Doodles.

Kathleen B. Hernandez
{Lady Katutz}

Monday, September 5, 2016

"Beautiful Baby Belly" LO Tutorial

Hi, everyone!

I'm back with more LO tutorial to share
from my guesting at

The LO was created last June 2016.
My task was to create a pregnant LO
with an LO subject
to create with.

I went for wonderful female vibes and frills
with my LO,
playing with various photo edits to
emphasize and capture the beauty of
my LO subjects beautiful baby belly.

Here's my video tutorial of 
the above LO:

The written tutorial can be read at blog,

It's another LO tutorial with
on my October 3rd post here at
Kaboodle Doodles.

Kathleen B. Hernandez
(your Lady Katutz)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Kaboodle Doodles Maxicard with Matching Stamps

Hi, everyone!

As promised,
I would like to share with you
my USA sent and Philippines received
Kaboodle Doodles maxicard with matching Kaboodle Doodles stamps as postage
for and in tribute for Kaboodle Doodles:

My September 5th of 2016 post is another LO Tutorial done with

Kathleen B. Hernandez
(your Lady Katutz)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Kaboodle Doodles Postcard with Matching Stamps

Hi, everyone!

I would like to share my transaction with
USA's and American Maximaphilist Mr. Cojocariu
for Kaboodle Doodles.

I have previously created as Creo by Lady Katutz,
Kaboodle Doodles postcard and Kaboodle Doodles postage stamp in the USA.

Here is the USA sent and Philippines received Kaboodle Doodles postcard with matching stamp:


My August 22nd of 2016 post, is about Kaboodle Doodles Maxicard with matching stamps. 

Kathleen B. Hernandez
(your Lady Katutz)

Monday, August 8, 2016

"Palawan 2008" LO Tutorial

Hi, everyone!

I'm sharing with you now
one of my LO tutorials with
last June 2016.

I was tasked to go with the theme of
Summer and in a Beach.

I utilized the technique of
"creating an art within an art".

My version is
to create a scrapbook art with a
watercolour art canvas within the
scrapbook art.

Here is my layout:

Here is a video tutorial of
my above LO:

The written tutorial can be read at blog,

My August 15th 2016 post is on more philatelic souvenirs for Kaboodle Doodles.

Kathleen B. Hernandez
(your Lady Katutz)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Kaboodle Doodles First Day Covers

Hi, everyone!

I believe this might be the last
philatelic souvenir
I have produced
for Kaboodle Doodles.

These are my Kaboodle Doodles FDCs:

Hernadon, VA, USA
June 27, 2016

Reston, VA, USA
June 27, 2016

Alexandria, VA, USA
June 27, 2016

Sterling, VA, USA
June 27, 2016

My August 8th 2016 post is an LO tutorial done with

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Migs Ramirez "Imagine This" Book Launch Invite

Hi, everyone!

A few months ago, I received an invite to attend a book launch in my country, in the name of Kaboodle Doodles.  I would have loved if my former challenge blog team could have attended the book launch instigating a Kaboodle Doodles reunion in my country.

The book is entitled - Imagine This by Migs Ramirez.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend and was sent a complimentary copy of his book by his publisher.

Acknowledging receipt of his book, I wrote a book review about it.  Migs is a Filipino life coach in my country and is a sought after speaker and counselor by many.

To read of my book review at my Creo by Lady Katutz blog,
click HERE.

like the book of Migs Ramirez - "Imagine This!"

My August 1st 2016 post is about Kaboodle Doodles First Day Cover created by Creo by Lady Katutz as tribute for Kaboodle Doodles.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Walt Disney - Winnie d' Pooh LO Tutorial

Hi, everyone!

It was a dream come true for me to take a walk at a Disneyland theme park in Hongkong, China.  It was my first time to see a Disney theme park. . . . not just on television but to go there myself and join in the Disney merriment.

I never thought it would be this lifetime for me to set foot to any Disney theme park.  Now, I want to visit other more Disney theme parks as it is really a wonderful place to be with all my childhood coming forth of Disney princesses, castles and characters.

I was almost tearful at the end of the day to be returning to my hotel, tired but happy. . .

Here is one of my layouts that I created for together with a tutorial:

  It is a Winnie d' Pooh layout done in smashbook style with my journal cards and mixed media arsenal . . . . plus other more embellishments.  =)

Here is a video tutorial presentation of my Winnie d' Pooh layout:

To read the step-by-step procedures of the above LO,
please visit by
clicking HERE.

Happy viewing and if you do get to do a layout,
happy scrapping and smashing!!

On my July 25th post is about a Book launch invite for Kaboodle Doodles here in Manila, Philippines.

Kathleen B. Hernandez
(your Lady Katutz)

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Kaboodle Doodles Maxicards

As I prepare the Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog
in becoming my own hobby blog,
I would like to share with you
my endeavour
under the Maximaphily discipline.

And that is, the creation of Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog Maxicards.

These are my philatelic and maximaphily souvenirs under the name of Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog.

The postcards are designed by me under my Artist blog and artist's facebok page name and label, Creo by Lady Katutz.  Fueled by me to produce such kind of maxicards as my souvenir, I believe Kaboodle Doodles merits such personal souvenir production.

The stamps are designed by me too and produced by Mr. Cojocariu with USA's stamps maker.

These are to be known as Kaboodle Doodles CBLK-Dorin Maxicards done in the USA.  I still did wish to do maxicards sets in United Kingdom and in my country, the Philippines, no matter how long from now it would or can be.

Here they are now,
my Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog CBLK-Dorin Maxicards:

June 27, 2016
Sterling, VA, USA 

June 27, 2016
Herndon, VA, USA 

June 27, 2016
Alexandria, VA, USA 

June 27, 2016
Reston, VA, USA 

I wish to share with you next post an LO tutorial done with  Post will be on July 15th of 2016.

. . . .  have a nice day!!

Kathleen B. Hernandez
(your Lady Katutz)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kaboodle Doodles - A Hobby Blog

Hi, everyone!

I'll be transforming Kaboodle Doodles Challenge blog into
a Kaboodle Doodles Hobby Blog from today.

I will be sharing a few of my works
as much as I can,
as I do manage
my Creo by Lady Katutz Artist's Blog and Facebook page.

Thanks for staying with Kaboodle Doodles,
I hope I do inspire you to create more works
in our craft and crafting industry.