Friday, September 26, 2014

Postage Stamp Sheets Design for Kaboodle Doodles

Hi everyone!

I would like to share the news and efforts made to come up with postage stamp sheet designs for Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog, Team and Community.  After coming up with a keepsake Kaboodle Doodles book/photobook/mini book, this time I'm working on postage stamps and postcard releases.  ALL NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE BUT FOR PERSONAL KEEPSAKE AND TRIBUTE.  We may come back with the same team stronger and ever, but for now, please allow me and the rest of the team to rest and contemplate for a while.

I have been barely 2 years, the owner and administrator of Kaboodle Doodles, and this post is to share the possible and hoping that this is the realization of the to release of postage stamps for Kaboodle Doodles.  This is now one of my projects and dreams under where I am as Creo by Lady Katutz.

I hope this can be a joint issue between Manila (Philpost), UK (Royal Mail) and the USA (USPS), as Kaboodle Doodles begun in the UK and for more than 2 years now with me, a Filipino and had been with Cheryl (American) and Fran (British)'s hands as my co-admins.

Now, sharing the designs of the Kaboodle Doodles postage stamp sheets:

For now, I can only design for release my own Admin and DT Profile photos done in different designs for every international season in a year (for everyday profile photo design, formal, for birthdays, anniversaries, and for the Holiday Season - Christmas and the New Years).

I still believe but I hope it won't be necessary to edit the DT profile photo postage stamp designs to mentiona Kaboodle Doodles beneath the name.  I hope this is a great release for a Commemmorative or tribute for Kaboodle Doodles.

Please Note:  I still need to include the original banner logo of Kaboodle Doodles amongst the banner logo stamp sheet design of Kaboodle Doodles, unless the above will do for the moment.